Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blazin' Tracks: The Pharcyde

These are some really intellectual, young hip-hop cats no doubt. If you want some really chill alternative hip hop sounds then peep this yo. Keepin' it old school with The Pharcyde, they're one of the pioneers of the sick underground sound with furious rhymes.

Runnin': I love the scratches on this track. Face your problems don't run away from them.

Splattitorium: Not alot of sick flows drippin' off this song but this is just one of the best jams to just sit back and smoke a fat blunt to.

Soul Flower (remix): "i need some zig-zags, zig-zags" WORD.

Pack The Pipe: Stoner Anthem.

Passin' Me By: Lovely old school sound on this one fo sho! Perfect high school crush song.