Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blazin' Tracks: Sunspot Jonz

The founder, leader, and true star of the Living Legends. While Murs has gained more popularity, Sunspot is still keepin' shit underground with his lyrical madness. Not only does he provide rhymes but he produces most of his stuff and some of the Legends' stuff, nice. Check these tracks out if u like raw shit.

Kombat The Enemy: A steady, raw beat that accentuates his, as well as eligh and the grouch, lyrical genious.

Evolve: Again featuring eligh and the grouch. You just can't go wrong when those three are together.

Animal Face: While the intro is kinda long and lingering i like how it mixes with the song overall. This song comes straight at your face at the speed of light, no doubt!

Tasters Choice: One of my favorite songs.

The Conductor: Real raw lyrics over a nice smooth melody.