Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blazin' Tracks: Sunspot Jonz

The founder, leader, and true star of the Living Legends. While Murs has gained more popularity, Sunspot is still keepin' shit underground with his lyrical madness. Not only does he provide rhymes but he produces most of his stuff and some of the Legends' stuff, nice. Check these tracks out if u like raw shit.

Kombat The Enemy: A steady, raw beat that accentuates his, as well as eligh and the grouch, lyrical genious.

Evolve: Again featuring eligh and the grouch. You just can't go wrong when those three are together.

Animal Face: While the intro is kinda long and lingering i like how it mixes with the song overall. This song comes straight at your face at the speed of light, no doubt!

Tasters Choice: One of my favorite songs.

The Conductor: Real raw lyrics over a nice smooth melody.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blazin' Tracks: The Pharcyde

These are some really intellectual, young hip-hop cats no doubt. If you want some really chill alternative hip hop sounds then peep this yo. Keepin' it old school with The Pharcyde, they're one of the pioneers of the sick underground sound with furious rhymes.

Runnin': I love the scratches on this track. Face your problems don't run away from them.

Splattitorium: Not alot of sick flows drippin' off this song but this is just one of the best jams to just sit back and smoke a fat blunt to.

Soul Flower (remix): "i need some zig-zags, zig-zags" WORD.

Pack The Pipe: Stoner Anthem.

Passin' Me By: Lovely old school sound on this one fo sho! Perfect high school crush song.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everybody Must: A/K/A Tommy Chong

Everybody must watch this documentary right now! It'll take you through the path of Tommy Chong after being arrested for selling bongs to places where it was prohibited. This man got 9 months in jail for selling glass! Is that not ridiculous? Out of 55 people convicted in "Operation Pipe Dreams" he was the only one that got any jail time, the rest got fines and home detention. Ok, i wonder why? Tommy Chong wasn't even involved in the bussines, his son managed it. But he took the blame because they threatened to go after his wife and son with criminal charges. Anyways if you need any more proof of how fucked this government is then watch this. And if you already know how fucked up it is, then watch this.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CA Stoners: WTF Should We Do?

Attention all Cali stoners! I'm calling for your help/advice. Now as we know the 2010 California election for governor is coming up, and it i really don't know what to do. I hate conservatives and republicans. That being said if Steve Poizner or Meg Whitman become the next CA governor i'm gonna go fucking crazy. Meg Whitman is nothing but a greedy bitch looking for more money and Steve Poizner hates Mexicans, that's fucking great.

The Democrats you say? Well it seems like Jerry Brown is the only candidate with a chance since there was a bunch of people that backed out. Now this is what i'm confused about. I've read a bunch of stories saying he was cracking down on medical cannabis shops. But, in some i read that he was trying to eliminate the ones making huge profits. So is he the right choice? Perhaps...

I don't think voting for an independant or green party would be the best thing to do becuase, well sadly most of the time they don't really have a chance.

So come on California stoners enlighten the community, who's the right choice in 2010. We need to have a unified choice so there will be more of a choice the elections go our way, but it MUST be the right one.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everybody Must: The Union

Everybody must... get stoned! Hahaha no but really, everyone needs to watch the documentary The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. Even if you don't blaze or have any love for the sweet sweet buddha please watch this. If you haven't by now, after watching this you will see how ridiculous everything the government has told you about cannabis is. I mean come on industrial hemp is illegal in America, you can't even get high on that! So then why is it illegal? This documentary shows you how and why business interests have been keeping cannabis prohibition going. Let me just tell you this...former president George W. Bush admitted to using weed AND cocaine but let's say i work at a supermarket and come out positive for THC on a drug test, i'll get fired! So he can smoke weed and snort blow and still make a lot money "running" our country but if i blaze i can't even make munimum wage pushing shopping carts? Nice...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Please Support: The Young Turks

All these damn right-wing conservatives are doing is making America regress. Why the hell would we want to do that? We need to keep moving forward and fighting for the truth. The Young Turks is a liberal talk show that helps us do just that.

They do a good job of outing that piece of crap O'Reilly when he pushes false, ridiculous "news" for Fox News, which is like...daily? Please check them out at the following sites and do anything you can to support them and move America in the right direction.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Blazin' Tracks: Producers

Lets give it up for hip-hop's finest DJs and producers. These are some of the most dedicated people in the industry bringing you non-stop dope beats that you can just feel as soon as they start bumping. Sick beats are what give hip-hop its soul and inner beauty. Here are some of my personal favorite beat makers along with their masterpieces.

DJ Muggs: Hits From the Bong, I Wanna Get High, Check Yo Self, Spark Another Owl, Lick a Shot

As the main producer for one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all time of course you're gotta keep putting out dopeness. His simple, yet amazing beats are relaxing and mellowing. Clear, funky beats that still let the lyrics get through to the listener. He also uses a little darker stuff in Temples of Boom which is also really good.

Madlib: One Beer, Greenery, Boom Music, America's Most Blunted, Monkey Suit

A super talented producer as well as mc. His work can pretty much be summed up into one word, original. Madlib goes outside the box and thats what's made him, in my opinion, one of the most talented hip-hop musicians overall.

RZA: Method Man, Bring The Pain, C.R.E.A.M., All I Need, Shimmy Shimmy Ya

A legend in himself and also a part of the legendary Wu-Tang. He just brings straight up, raw, dirty beats that blend so well with the gritty Wu-Tang style. He was the driving force behind their success.

Greatest Rap Diss Songs

Rap is famous for the feuds that occur from time to time and give way to sick songs like this...

King of the Hill

Artist: Westside Connection
Album: Bow Down
Dissing: Cypress Hill

Responses: No Rest for the Wicked, Ice Cube Killa

"Sen Dogg you can't rap from the guts And B-Real sounding like he got baby nuts I don't know why y'all think y'all slick I don't know what rapper down wit your click I don't know one bitch on your dick And I don't know one nigga pumping your shit I hear you claiming South Central wait... You ain't from my hood! Y'all hoes from South Gate Coming with a voice high pitched The "B" in B-Real must stand for Bitch"

I like Cypress hill better overall and listen to them more but they get killed in this track. But, No Rest for the Wicked and Ice Cube Killa aren't weak comebacks...they're worth a listen too.

Hit 'Em Up

Artist: 2Pac
Album: Greatest Hits

Dissing: Biggie Smalls, Puffy, Bad Boy Records
In Response To: Who Shot Ya?

"First off, fuck your bitch and the click you claim WESTSIDE when we ride come equipped with game You claim to be a player but I fucked your wife We bust on Bad Boy niggas fuck for life Plus Puffy tryna see me weak hearts I rip Biggie Smallz and Junior M.A.F.I.A. some mark ass bitches We keep on comin' while we runnin for ya jewels steady gunnin, keep on bustin at them fools, you know the rules Little Caeser, go ask ya homie how I leave ya cut your young ass up, see you in pieces, now be deceased Lil Kim, don't fuck around with real G's Quick to snatch yo' ugly ass off tha streetz, so fuck peace I let them niggas know it's on for life Don't let the West side ride the night (haha) Bad Boys murdered on wax, and killed Fuck wit' me and get ya caps peeled, you know, see..."

The legend 2Pac showing Biggie Smalls who's the boss. Who Shot Ya can't even compare.

Malcolm X

Artist: Royce Da 5'9"
Album: Build & Destroy
Dissing: D12
Response: Smack Down

"You couldn't fit Bizarre's body in my shoes
Niggaz quick to talk, all hood 'til I pop up
Plus, you just act tough cause Suge got locked up
I am above y'all, when you droppin your raps to diss me
I only recognize the top of your hats
And I don't like Proof, punk-ass, he think he tough
He keep thirty niggaz with him, cause he weak as fuck!
I ever catch you by yourself, I'ma fuck you up
Snatch your little cheap-ass chain and piece you up
You better hope you and the white boy keep in touch
And be a good little hype man, or your lease is up
Since Slim signed 50, I don't see your teeth as much
That's good, cause you got a grill like a fuckin truck!
DAMN HOMIE, it's history, over, hang it up
Go somewhere and hang up some 50 posters, PUNK
You speak too late, y'all prolly gon' go up to them awards
and get yo' ass whooped by B2K
I just wish Eminem would stop tellin' everybody he ain't speakin' to me
Like I'm one of his hoes or somethin'
How 'bout this, I ain't speakin to you, chump
And I'ma keep pickin on your weak ass crew
You, BITCH, Bizarre you a fat stutterin fuck
You a joke, I choke whoever buttered you up
I've been ridin by your house, you don't come out too much
You hidin, when I find you I'ma snatch you out of that truck
and tie your fat stankin ass to your couch and just
FEED YOU, you already look like you about to bust
Nigga you can run or hide; I'll be on your porch
with a cheeseburger tryin to lure you outside!
'Cause he's in it, Bizarre say G-g-g-g-g-g-unit
I bet you throw some extra "g's" in it
Just like a stutterin' fool, can't reach intelligence
He sweats when he raps, cuz he got a speach impediment
You, BITCH, Porky's pig and Porky's tomb
About to dig his own grave with a fork and spoon
You, BITCH, Denaun and Swifty please
Give it a year,both y'all be wreckin' 50's lease
What do I know, that other nigga y'all got in your group
I don't even know his name, but he can shovel my snow
You, BITCH, let's face it I gave it to y'all
My lil' sister got six puppies that's braver than y'all (puppies barking)
Niggaz is startin' the beef I'm 'bout to end with the quickness
I'm 'bout to end this quicker than Bizarre can finish a biscuit
Quicker than quick shit, y'all ain't felt the half
Quicker than Eminem can pinch Elton's ass"

Yeah, D12 gets absolutely destroyed here. Smack Down is alright but there's just no coming back from the dead. This might just be the dopest diss track ever.

Top 3: Cannabis Strains

The best of the best, well from what i've tried so far. Rated on a scale from 1 to 10.

Super Silver Haze


Genetics: Northern Lights x Skunk x Haze

Buzz: A strong yet really clean and clear head high. One fat joint was enough for that kick.
No come
down at all.

Taste/Smoke: Smooth with a little sweet/spicy taste.

From: Rite Greens in Santa Ana

Grade: 9.3

God's Gift


Genetics: OG Kush x Granddaddy Purple

Buzz: Heavy body high. Stoney bud that will make you lazy, hungry and and have you laughing at everything.

Taste/Smoke: Heavy smoke, fills lungs up quick. Nice piney taste.

From: SGVCC in South El Monte.

Grade: 9.5

Fire OG Kush

Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Genetics: OG Kush x ?

Buzz: Really heavy body high, will probably make you fall asleep. Super stoney.

Taste/Smoke: Thick and heavy smoke, might make you cough. Earthy taste.

From: THC in La Puente.

Grade: 9.5

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blazin' Tracks: Living Legends

These dudes are like the modern day Wu-Tang Clan, no joke! Every member either spits sick flows, makes dope beats, or does both. They keep it real and underground none of that poppy crap. Some of them have some great solo stuff too. This is really good music to relax with, bump in the ride, or even blaze up to...

  • Rabbit Hole: Good song about being smart with drugs, be careful what you mess with. I love the scratches on this track, it's my favorite song from the legends.
  • Osaka Tales: A showcase for their Japanese member Arata. Even though i don't know what he's saying it goes great with the beat and sounds awesome overall.
  • Creative Differences: A good jumpy beat. Contrasts their members styles and blends it into a hot record.
  • Moving at the Speed of Life: This is a good one to smoke a fatty to. Sit back, relax and let the beat surround you while the flows invade you.
  • Listen to their member solo stuff. Here are some standout songs; Sunspot Jonz-Evolve, Eligh-Chronic,Murs-Walk Like A Man, The Grouch-Simple Man.

Smoke 'n' Fly!

Don't drink and drive, or even better don't drink at all. Cannabis is the best choice for responsible adults who want some intoxication. Cannabis is a great medicine but there's also nothing wrong with its recreational use, by responsible adults that is. Let's look at why its the safe pick...

"Alcohol is one of the most toxic drugs, and using just 10 times what one would use to get the desired effect can lead to death. Marijuana is one of – if not the – least toxic drugs, requiring thousands times the dose one would use to get the desired effect to lead to death. This “thousands times” is actually theoretical, since there has never been a recorded case of marijuana overdose."


You can't overdose on weed, but you can easily die from too much booze.

"There has never been a documented case of lung cancer in a marijuana-only smoker, and recent studies find that marijuana use is not associated with any type of cancer. The same cannot be said for alcohol, which has been found to contribute to a variety of long-term negative health effects, including cancers and cirrhosis of the liver."


So the horrible, illegal herb does not cause cancer but those prized legal drugs alcohol and tobacco will? Wait what?

"Studies find alcohol use contributes to the likelihood of domestic violence and sexual assault and marijuana use does not."

Proof: Fals-Stewart , William, James Golden, Julie A. Schumacher. Journal of Addictive Behaviors. 28, pages 1555-1574. Intimate partner violence and substance use: A longitudinal day-to-day examination. Research Institute on Addictions, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Drunken, abusive rapists or friendly, hippie stoners? You decide...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blazin' Tracks: MF DOOM

Hip hop is better when its underground or alternative. Modern mainstream hip hop has become too saturated. Ironically, the self-proclaimed villain MF DOOM can save you from this. Check these tracks first...

  • Potholderz: What a beautiful beat! 'pass the dutchie, so i can calm down, so they won't get it twisted'
  • Gas Drawls: Just straight up killer flows. 'in an instant get smoked like winston, (cigarettes) hoes get ripped off like nicorette, (patch)'
  • My Favorite Ladies: A tribute to the magic herb. 'all she want me to is blaze it crazy, the only one complaint is that she make me too lazy'
  • Kookies: Fun, funky beat with complementing rhymes. 'he got to hell but it's hard to drink with out
    it, and could use some kookies but trying not to think about
  • Check out his stuff with madlib too, madvillain. Some dope tracks from them: Accordion, Monkey Suit, America's Most Blunted.

Blast off!

I will show you the way to happiness and freedom through this blog. With a little help from Mary Jane we will explore the bright side of the world and identify what's worth our time and what's not.