Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blazin' Tracks: MF DOOM

Hip hop is better when its underground or alternative. Modern mainstream hip hop has become too saturated. Ironically, the self-proclaimed villain MF DOOM can save you from this. Check these tracks first...

  • Potholderz: What a beautiful beat! 'pass the dutchie, so i can calm down, so they won't get it twisted'
  • Gas Drawls: Just straight up killer flows. 'in an instant get smoked like winston, (cigarettes) hoes get ripped off like nicorette, (patch)'
  • My Favorite Ladies: A tribute to the magic herb. 'all she want me to is blaze it crazy, the only one complaint is that she make me too lazy'
  • Kookies: Fun, funky beat with complementing rhymes. 'he got to hell but it's hard to drink with out
    it, and could use some kookies but trying not to think about
  • Check out his stuff with madlib too, madvillain. Some dope tracks from them: Accordion, Monkey Suit, America's Most Blunted.