Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blazin' Tracks: Living Legends

These dudes are like the modern day Wu-Tang Clan, no joke! Every member either spits sick flows, makes dope beats, or does both. They keep it real and underground none of that poppy crap. Some of them have some great solo stuff too. This is really good music to relax with, bump in the ride, or even blaze up to...

  • Rabbit Hole: Good song about being smart with drugs, be careful what you mess with. I love the scratches on this track, it's my favorite song from the legends.
  • Osaka Tales: A showcase for their Japanese member Arata. Even though i don't know what he's saying it goes great with the beat and sounds awesome overall.
  • Creative Differences: A good jumpy beat. Contrasts their members styles and blends it into a hot record.
  • Moving at the Speed of Life: This is a good one to smoke a fatty to. Sit back, relax and let the beat surround you while the flows invade you.
  • Listen to their member solo stuff. Here are some standout songs; Sunspot Jonz-Evolve, Eligh-Chronic,Murs-Walk Like A Man, The Grouch-Simple Man.